How to Run a Successful Men's Lifestyle Accessories Business

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Starting a business from scratch is not an easy endeavor. It requires careful planning, in depth knowledge of the target market and great product placement tactics. When it comes men’s lifestyle accessories, it is important to choose a modern product range that can keep up with the ever advancing technology, and at the same time have the functionality and aesthetics to make owning it a necessity.

If you think you have such a range of products, here are the most effective tips for starting and running a successful business on Shopify.

The importance of a great platform

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a renowned platform such as Shopify. It is easy to use, has great features and support. All of this is very much a must for your business. You don’t have to worry about security patches nor server configurations and regular updates. This is all covered within your monthly fee. So you can just focus on your website and product placement.

Matching the website design to the customer base

The presentation of your store can make or break your business regardless of the quality of the products you are offering. So since you have decided to cater to a predominantly mail customers your website need to reflect that. The mail shoppers fall under three major categories:

  • The first one favours the grab and go method, so they will pay more attention to the photos than the descriptions. In order to make sure your website has a great visual appeal, you can use Burst, the free stock photo platform from Shopify. That way you can make it easier for male customer from this category to decide on a product.


  • The second category of a male shopper loves to browse around and let their wives and girlfriends do the actual shopping. The don't mind checking out everything from beard care products to men’s accessories, but it’s the fairer sex that will buy the actual product.


  • Finally the third category belongs to manly men. They do not like to visit websites that have mixed female and male products. So in order to cater to his particular audience you need to have the manly design on point.


Now if you want to have all three categories present on your website, here are some general design tips to consider. Guys respond well to prices on red labels, since they associate it with discounts. Make sure that your online store doesn’t seem super happy and festive, this might have a negative effect on your male customers. Instead opt for a positive, but suitable design style to suit any customer’s taste.

Choosing the right products

Now that your website is ready, it's time to get the products on the virtual shelves. Opt for a unique style of men’s lifestyle accessories and make sure that it matches your’s. After all you should be the most spoken out representative for your business’ style. Men’s lifestyle accessories is a great market to conquer, these products are important when it comes to men fulfilling their day to day tasks. Make sure that your product list includes everything from the stylish classics like bracelets and wallets to a more sporty options that include designer hats, backpacks and shoes. Don’t forget to add a special gadget section, as most modern men can’t image their day without their gadgets.

Keep it fresh

In order for your store to thrive you need to keep up with both fashion and tech trends. Men want to be seen in the latest accessories, it is a statement to their success and power. Your business will be successful only if the products you have on offer are something a modern man not just needs but also wants to posses.

So there you are, the best of the best when it comes to tips regarding a successful management of a business on Shopify. Whis such a great starting point, you can achieve so much and who knows, maybe eve change the men’s accessory industry in the years to come.

Peter is a guest blog writer for ManCave UAE and is men's health and grooming writer at The Beard Mag from UK. Beside writing he worked as a men's grooming consultant for many fashion events.

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