Trying To Add Muscle Mass?

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Adding muscle mass can be very difficult when dealing with the problem of Inflammation. Anytime you go through a mass gain phase where you gain more than 14-16%, you can experience inflammation throughout your body.

Extensive inflammation will slow down your recovery and can harm your gut’s good bacteria while weakening your immune system. Once this occurs, you may suffer from poor digestion. When the breakdown of food occurs, this also delays the absorption of necessary nutrients.  The more inflamed your body is, the slower your muscles will recover from training.

Inflammation can also occur when someone’s health is bad or whenever they overweight or are obese. When the body has unhealthy levels of fats from poor eating habits or increased stress on the digestive system, inflammation can become a huge obstacle in your efforts to add muscle.

If you’re concerned about this, look signs of inflammation such as poor energy levels, skin rashes, poor digestion, brain fog, and frequent illness. With little research, you can be aware of the symptoms and monitor your own condition to avoid these problems.

Healthy Muscle Tissue

Maintaining healthy tissue is an essential part of any training program. Healthy muscles expand and contract well, while unhealthy tissue can have difficulty stretching and growing. They also take longer to repair themselves once an injury occurs, so if you suspect unhealthy muscle tissue, be especially cautious not to damage muscles when working out.

The best road to adding muscle mass is to drive your weight up gradually through diet and progressive volume. If this seems to be working, then continue on, but if not, make minor changes until your program works for your body. When you take this cautious approach, you can count on fewer injuries and you’ll build healthy muscle tissue. In most cases, your results can also be maintained much longer.

Once you have the right program for your body, you’ll start to see results and you may want to ramp up your program and kcals, but always be aware of the hazards of inflammation.

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